I am the daughter of a teacher and a preacher, both theatre makers themselves.  I grew up in a community in which stories were the currency and glue that bound us together.  Love of and need for story is programmed into my DNA.

As an artist, I hope to find and reveal the shared humanity that resides in the core of our stories. My canvas is the stage.

The director is the audience’s surrogate and advocate in the room. I love it when everyone comes together to play and explore the story.  If I didn’t need the other people in the room, I would do a different art form.

Theatre is alchemy. It’s hard work, preparation, craft, and just a little magic. In the room, I’m an editor, a collaborator, and a creator. The actors bring their craft and creativity. I bring mine. Then we put all that to work in service of the story we need to tell.

The world is a dangerous place for stories. Story itself is in danger of being lost to the cynical and the false, the gaudy and the insincere, the ironic and the superficial. Theatre is a means through which to bear witness to the human condition, in its depth, complexity, and beauty.  

I want to put stories on stage that illuminate and investigate the human experience, stories that remind us of who we have been, illustrate our present moment, and imagine what we may become.